3 days in Casablanca

Morocco’s largest city – modern, vibrant and cosmopolitan – is one of the kingdom’s greatest assets, a sun-bronzed strip of coastline where tea and culinary innovation are the local obsessions, where Casawis – residents of Casablanca city – speak every language under the sun, and where life is lived outdoors and to the fullest.

The World Heritage Art-Deco-era buildings that give the place its popular title of ‘White City’ are a major draw, as is the historic Habous medina , which has a fascinating Moorish heritage. But the city’s real attraction is the local lifestyle. Visitors tend to get into the Casablanca swing of things straight away, flitting between contemporary art galleries and chic cafes one day, artisan boutiques and blissfully balmy beaches the next. A few days here is fun, but a week can be a revelation – don’t miss it. Casablanca is one of the most exciting cities in the world, so I hope you’ll be willing to explore it !

Things to do

Day 1

1- Mint Tea for Breakfast 9 A.M

Sqala café.Nestled on the edge of the old medina, this charming garden restaurant is a tranquil introduction to the city. Particularly popular for its traditional breakfast, it also serves briouates, kemias (Moroccan tapas), tajines, pastillas and brochettes for lunch or dinner.

2- Hidden White Medina 10 A.M

History. Casablanca is barely 100 years old, but the ancient Medina is one of the oldest port cities in the world. At different times it has been governed by Berber, Roman, Arab, Portuguese, Spanish, French, British, and Moroccan regimes. In the 15th century, it emerged as a safe harbour for pirates, which led it to attacks by the Portuguese, who destroyed the town in 1468 and abandoned  completely in 1755 following an earthquake which destroyed it. The medina as it is today was founded in 1770 by sultan Mohammed ben Abdallah (1756–1790). Built with the aid of Spaniards, the town was called Casa Blanca (white house in Spanish) translated Dar el Beida in Arabic.

Visit. A dense warren of white house, city walls, shops and street food, is the most compelling, confusing and fascinating part of the Old Medina. Boulevard des Almohades, the Sqala Bastion, Sidi Allal Karouani, Buenaventura church, Ettedgui synagogue,  Ould El Hamra Mosque, Place de la Belgique, Bab El Marsa, Place Amiral Philibert, Sidi Bou Smara, Dar Makhzen Mosque, Sidi Belyout, the Bazaars,  the Clock tower, Bab Marrakech,

3-The Dynamic, Edgy and Bustling Port 11 P.M

For centuries Casablanca has always been a small seaport that enjoyed a lot of traffic and trade. It finally made the transition to the massive, modern port that it is today when work on the new piers and other important structures was started in 1906. Its historical background and vital function make it a necessity as well as a noteworthy site in Morocco. The port’s southern quay is dotted with bars, brasseries and cafes,  it also offers a very nice view on the Hassan II mosque.

4- The True Taste of the Ocean  1 P.M

The most famous Moroccan seafood includes oysters, grilled sardines, shrimps, squids, spider crabs, scallops, lobsters, sharks..etc. Their fame is increased even further by restaurants around the Port and the rest of the city, such as Le Dauphin, Casa José, or Le Restaurant du Port who never misses a chance to stress that these coastal waters produce the best seafood in the world. The gourmet traveler can easily find magnificent seafood and fish, cheap but incredibly tasty.

4- The Flamboyant Hassan II mosque   3 P.M

Set over the Atlantic ocean and with a 210m-tall minaret that serves as the city’s major landmark, Hassan II mosque is a showcase of the very best Moroccan architecture. Multilanguage guided tours of the interior are conducted every day between 9:00 and 15:30 for 120 dirhams (60 dhs for locals).

5- The Marina  6 P.M

6- The Legend Continues  8 P.M

Housed in a traditional Moroccan grand mansion with a central courtyard, built in 1930, the Rick’s Café Bar and Restaurant takes advantage of Morocco’s abundance in seafood. The menu offers a wide selection of fish. Steaks, foie gras, goat cheese salad with fresh figs and an Crab Louis are among the dinner selections. Rick’s Cheesecake and brownies figure on the dessert menu. Friday, the popular  Moroccan couscous is available along with Moroccan tagines. The rooftop terrace barbecue, “The Pergola” offers a range of items from mixed grill to roasted game hen and swordfish steak. American crooners dominate the soundtrack when pianist Issam takes a break, and Sunday’s jazz sessions, which start at 9.30pm, are ever-popular.

6- Dancing and Jamming in Mers Sultan   10 P.M

The strip of clubs and bars in Mers Sultan lends itself to bar-hopping. Start at the unpretentious Bar Atomic, a basement bar hidden down the main street infront of the Le Lynx (Art-Deco style cinema) . Where to dance in Casablanca is a question for the ages — specifically, your group’s ages. But people young and old, or at least young and middle-aged, agree: The ’80s were a glorious decade for popular music. That explains the Saturday night, age-diverse and cosmopolitan crowd at Le Vertigo. The underground bar features solo shows by some of musical theater’s finest talents.

Marcel Cerdan

Day 2

– Chez Paul, hotel casablanca, Frederic Cassel, Fauchon. 10 A.M

– Boulevard du Lido, Villa Camembert, Ah Saoud Mosque, Anfa Place, Le Relais de Paris/Boca Chica 12 A.M

– Boulevard de la Corniche, Tahiti Beach, Le Pilotis 2 P.M

– Ain Diab beach, Surf 4 P.M

– Sidi Abderrahmane island, Morocco mall

– Le Cabestan Ocean View

– La Maison B / Brooklyn / Le Boudoir / Balcon 33 /

– Le Bao /

Anfa: Golf,

A Moroccan Feast

Quartier Medina

Art-Deco center

The Corniche

Gauthier & Racine

Mohammed and

More Days

– Chez

Where to sleep

How to get there


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